Relationship About Teenagers

These days more and more teenagers have boyfriend or girlfriend.Some of them even just 13 or 14 years old.But not every have a good ending.  For this kind of phenomenon I have three opinions.

My first opinion is teenagers should’t be too early date.I’m 14 years old, also a teenager.I know why we shouldn’t date to early because I have friend is as same as age with me. She had a boyfriend in grade 8. Then she can’t carefully in class, she was thinking about her boyfriend. After a few months her grade was drop. Young teenagers’s main job is study and date is not should we do in our this age.

My second opinion is teenagers want dating should choice right people. If your boyfriend is a bad boy, lazy, doesn’t go to school, fight with each other, smoking even wine. However,you will not happiness. China had a old saying called ‘If you live with lame person you will learn limp.So if you really want to date, please choice people suitable for you.

The last opinion is you can consult the opinion of the teachers and parents.They are adults, have more experience.You should ask them when you not sure how do you do, because they always for you own good.

In  summary those all my opinion about dating. We are young and we are keep trying the new things, but we also need do right things.


About PE Class’s Opinion

PE is my favourite class at school. PE class can relax me brain, lose weight and good for body. But if PE class can change a little bit I think will be better. These are my three opinions.

First, once class time should more long. Every class time is one hour, but before we start play a sport teacher need sign in and we need run 1 or  2 laps. Then teacher teach us about the sport. After sport we need take back balls, bats and some equipment else. Then we need to go to change clothes. All those things we need do in the one hours we just have less time to do sport.

Second, PE class can change a kind of warm up.We warm up always is run. Run is good, but it’s too tired and after that we need do other sport. If we too much strength to run, then we no enough strength to do the sport. We can change a warm up as good as run and no need too much strength.

Third, PE class should give students some homework about PE. Homework can good for students know more information about PE. And can let students more pay attention to join PE class.

PE is really important for students. Good PE class can make student more like this subject.


Food In Canteen

Food is important for everyone.Young people in the school study and play different kind of sports.So canteen’s food in the school is more important for us.Children and teenager are growing up, they should eat fresh and healthy.

My first opining is school canteen’s food should be healthy.Fast food can make people fat.These days many children because eat more fast food fat.Obesity often makes people sick and can’t run fast.So school canteen should cook less fast food.Carbonated drinks are also not good for students.They can make people fat and not good for children’s bone.So school should have less carbonated drinks and can have more fresh juice.

My second opining is school canteen’s every meals should meat and vegetables with.Because some children don’t like eat vegetables and in the school they can order by themselves.Someone only order meat don’t eat any vegetables.

My third opining is school canteen’s food according to students need to give. Because some young children maybe can’t eat very much, some teenager can much food and girls are eat less than boys.If let students own requirements.Everyone can full and avoid waste.

Canteen’s food are important for people.If people can eat good and healthy food in canteen, then do every work will good and fast.

Schoo Should Do This

I feel my school is very good. There teachers are very friendly, school  ‘s food are delicious, the school is big and the buildings are beautiful. But if the school can change below the three rules I think will be better.

First, our school lunch time is 1:25 p.m everyday . But I often eat breakfast at 8:10 a.m. I always hungry in the third class. I need wait a long time then I can go. My pinioning is school can change the lunch time more early.

Second, when we after the first class before the second class we don’t have break time. Therefore we don’t have time to go to toilet. And we need time on the way. If the two class don’t on the same level we need more time. Sometimes someone because that late. In my opinion, school should give us 10 minutes break time after first and third class, before second and fourth class.

Third, when we finished P.E. class everyone sweat a lot. We need change and take a shower but we only have 10 minutes.10 minutes we only enough us walk to the change room, change and walk to next classroom.  However most of girl is long hair and it will spend more time. My point of view is school should give us more time to take a shower.

In summary, is my school can change above the three rules I think will be better.

The bad day in school

I stay at school’s days don’t have very bad day, I felt everyday I was happiness. In the morning before Homebase I can talk with my classmates. Then I have classes until break time. Break time we always go to our locker decide which books we need next two classes. Lunch time we sometimes go to the restaurant or go to club.

But sometimes I have some bad experiences. Once on a class, next me is a Chinese student. On the class teacher was ask her a question, but she didn’t understand, she ask me in Chinese and in a low voice. I answered her also in Chinese, maybe it was a little loud and teacher was hear. Because before class teacher said can’t speak Chinese. Then teacher forgot her question and scold me.

Second time is the day break time, I put my dictionary in the locker. Then I went to play ground to go to P.E. class. After P.E. class we need went to next class quickly. I guess teacher will not check who don’t have dictionary. But I was wrong, on the class teacher said:”Why so many people don’t have dictionary,let’s check who no dictionary.” After this time I bring my dictionary to every class, I never going to put it in my locker.

Another time is my fist time went to my club, I chose a about medicine club. The club only me one is G9 and SPP. I don’t understand completely what are they talking about. Suddenly, the man let me talk about me idea and I can’t said anything. It’s too embarrassing. After that,every time I went to this club I was very nervous.

I think this three thing together it’s a really bad school day.

The best holiday I have

The best holiday I have was when I was a primary school student, in China’s National day. We had 7 days holiday, maybe I was grade 4 or 5. I can not remember clearly. I with my sister, a young cousin and three my aunts’s daughters were join a summer camp.   Because I was the oldest in few of us, look after them is my job.

First day we got up early, teachers took our to a military camp. We were meet new friends and visit the military camp. The food in military camp’s restaurant was good.  Afternoon, we were study how to fold the quit like piece of tofu.

Second day we went outdoor training. First we were rock climbing, but I didn’t climb on the top. I think maybe I was not enough strong. Next subject was across the broken bridge. The broken bridge was 18 meters high. I was afraid and I didn’t want go up. But the teacher said we should to overcome ourselves fear. So I went on. I didn’t know how many ladders I was climb, when I arrived the highest place I regret it. My legs began to shake and I move super slow. I saw the ground people as small as many ants. Luckily the broken bridge was not long and I across it success.This was a unique experience for me. The last and the most interesting was Real CS. The teacher gave us different guns, like the real gun. The game started we ran and find good ways to fight.

Third  we went to sale newspapers. Fourth day we went to orchard garden and we picked apples. The last day we had a party, because in the afternoon we will go home. We sat together ate food and sang songs. Afternoon mom to pick me up. We said goodbye to teacher, then we leaved military camp. This holiday is the best holiday I have.


In my heart, the perfect parent is friendly. She can talk with like two old friends talk to each other.

      If today in school you have a happy thing, you can share with her. If you do something wrong ,she won’t to yell at you and she will teach you calm. If you have something make you sad, she will comfort you and do many delicious food for you. You can tell her your secret , she likes your best friend. She can understand you, buy you like color’s clothes, shoes for you. My mother is such a perfect parent in my heart.

     In my heart , the perfect parent is like your strong backing and you are his little princess or good brother. He will give you warm, you will not feel loneliness. He supports your hobby, encourage and help you.

      In the weekday, he will send you to school and say ‘Good bey’ to you. In the weekend, he can accompany you skate boarding and teach me surfing. He loves my mom and they never fight. He can go home eat dinner everyday and doesn’t always see a mobile phone. He also like animals, like my dog, if I was not at home he can look after them good.

      Never have a perfect person in the world, include our parent. But one thing is for sure, they are both love you forever. I also love them forever.

Young Inventors

Time machine is a new invention in the future. It is a big machine, like a tank. But it does not burn gas, it use solar. It is very environmental protection.

People can use it go to the past or go to the future. People can change any bad things in the past and see what will happen in the future. Presume if people see tomorrow will have a big earthquake, they tell the area’s people. Maybe can save many people’s life.

But use the Time machine is a very serious and important thing. Just the UN can use it, because if use it to the something wrong will have a bigger disaster. A time machine is very expensive, it is 1,000,000 dollars and make one Time machine need spend long time, maybe 8 years or 10 years. One Time machine just can take two people go to the past or future, but it is fast, if you want go 2050 year just need 5 seconds.

Go to another time is a danger thing, because you don’t know matter in other time. Must be prepared you can go.

What do I worry about

I have come to Singapore for a month. When I leave China,my little dog was 1.5 months old, but when I come back in December . It has grown into a large dog. I just stay with it one month before I came here, maybe it has been forgotten me, now.

    This is my fist worry and is I the most worried problem, I afraid it will forgot me. It will doesn’t know who amI, forgot I was embrace it, forgot I was give it food and forgot I was play with it. I can look its photo everyday, but  it doesn’t have my photo. And my second worry is it will fight with its elder brother and sister. They are more heavy and tall than it and it is a young dog . If they fight maybe it will blood, but in fact its brother and sister were friendly with it . My third worry is dad can’t look after them very well, he is not look after them carefully. Luckily I have aunt is love animals and she know how to look after them. 

     When I come back I can play with it again, it can remember me again. And I can give it some gifts from Singapore. Hope it can happy everyday!  

She made me mad

      My friend name is Zhudike. We are old friend and she is my best friend, but last mouth she made me mad.

      My home have two desks, “desk A” and “desk B” . We always one day I used “A” and she used “B”, one day she used “A” and I used “B”. Why we need change everyday? Because the “A” room have air- condition, but “B” just have a air fan. Singapore is hot everyone want to stay in a air condition room.

       The day is Friday, we both need do our homework. The Thursday Zhudike was use the “A” ,but the Friday she also sat in room “A”. I said today should me set there, she said : “I don’t care, today I want to sat here.” She was rudely. I know use this word to describe a old friend was not good, but the day I was really really angry. I think we are not friend, I never make friend with you. we were not talk in a long time, the room quiet frightening.

        In the end, she changed room and give me a apple. Then I was not angry and already forgot before what I said. We were also the best friend.